Benahavis – Costa Del Sol


Stuur naar een vriend(in)

LUXURY NEW BUILD VILLAS WITH SEA VIEW IN BENAHAVIS Residential is the perfect symbiosis of luxury and sustainability. The project has been greatly influenced by the constant dialogue with nature in order to mimic it without altering its condition. A new concept of silent, serene and friendly luxury that does not renounce sustainability is present in our design. A set of 16 premium villas located south of El Madroñal, one of the most coveted locations in Benahavís. This ambitious project brings together the exceptional surroundings with its infinite views and the tranquillity of living in a secure space. Welcome to a haven where every detail speaks of elegance, where the views create a canvas of tranquillity, and where security and location converge to define the essence of a truly exceptional living experience. In this residential we are the luxury that is not noticeable, but is clearly there. In this project we have combined space, intimacy and freedom to build something that goes beyond a simple home. Here you will discover a lifestyle where the extraordinary is not having everything, but everything you can still live. Spaces to be lived in. This is how we conceived this project from the beginning and this is how we created a harmonious scenario with the functional and, more importantly, the intimate. Residential is a unique refuge that merges with nature, inviting each resident to transcend the barrier between the natural and the habitable. An architectural exercise capable of redefining the limits of design, embracing the landscape and capturing its beauty from the inside out. The premise was to build homes beyond the ordinary, seeking the highest quality in the details and a unique personality that distinguishes them. The soul of residential is defined by maintaining an uninterrupted connection with the environment, as if the surrounding natural scenery were a work of art that enhances and complements life in these spaces.

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